This is the secure website (https://www.kaltan.co.za) of Kaltan Trust, the first to offer Companies and Close Corporations online in 1998.

Kaltan hosts the sites of CORP, Fixed Accounting, Offshore Companies and others. Through these we have helped many thousands of people to register businesses.

Numerous competing registration companies have tried to imitate our services over the years, but they often fall short of good service. We, on the other hand, are well-known for doing a complete job and for working closely and carefully with our clients.

When starting a new business, it is often better to register a company. This protects the entrepreneur against risk and liability.

On the other hand, if risk and liability are not big issues for your small business, sole proprietor registration may be a simpler option.

When running a business, it is important to have the correct elements in place, like trademarks, websites, tax, accounting, etc. This helps to set you up for success.

Kaltan has hosted secure online information for these crucial business services for more than 17 years.

Choose from thesesecure(https://) online applications:

Pty Ltd Companies
New Company register a company with no auditor – free tax number!
Shelf Company select a pre-registered Pty Ltd company off the shelf
Share Certificate Application issue all your share certificates online
Name Application apply to reserve a Pty Ltd company name first
Director Changes change your Pty Ltd directors and their details
Memorandum of Incorporation old act company apply to adopt new act articles
Name Change apply to change your Pty Ltd company name
Restoration restore a Pty Ltd company and reverse final deregistration
Deregistration apply to deregister (close down) a Pty Ltd company

Non-Profit Companies
NPC Non-Profit Company replaces sec21 companies for charities, etc

Sole Proprietor
Sole Proprietor Registration All-in-one: trade name, tax, certificate

Trading As Names
Trading Name Registration register your t/a (trading as) name
Defensive Name same as trading name above
Defensive Name Renewal renew your defensive name every 2 years

Close Corporations
Association Agreement make an agreement between CC members
Changes change your CC name, members, addresses, etc
CK1 Document obtain a copy of your first CC certificate
CK2 Document obtain a copy of the most recent CC certificate
Conversion convert your CC into a Pty Ltd company
Name Application apply to reserve a CC name
Restoration restore a CC and reverse final deregistration
Deregistration apply to deregister (close down) your CC

InfoCheck certificate of info on any CC/Pty, directors, etc
Information Manual for Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA)

Bookkeeper SA accounting services for bookkeepers

Annual Returns
Annual Returns submit status details for a Pty/CC to registrar

BEE Certificate if your business turnover is R10m or less per year

FixedBooks easy-to-use monthly bookkeeping system

Business Plans
Business Plan to organise your business or apply for finance/funds

Tax Registration apply for an income tax number for an individual/CC/Pty
Tax Clearance apply for a certificate for tenders/good standing
PAYE Registration apply to SARS to deduct and pay over employees tax
UIF Application register your workers to insure against loss of work
VAT Application register your business for Value-Added Tax
WCA Application Workers Compensation insurance for worker injury

Trademark Application SA secure a name/logo in SA
Trademark Application US secure a name/logo in the USA

Trust Registration form a trust for charity, trade or protecting your assets

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